Saturday, November 6, 2010

Potter Junkie Part II

Here are some fun facts about Deathly Hallows ticket sales so far:

- Nearly 500 showtimes sold out in advance on Fandango.

- 61% of Fandango's daily ticket sales, single-handedly beating the ticket sales for all current films combined.

- Brisk ticket sales outpacing the ticket sales of each previous HARRY POTTER adventure at the same point in those films' sales cycles.

According to ACESHOWBIZ, "The latest Harry Potter adventure is sure to be a big hit at the U.S. box office - almost 500 showtimes for the film have already sold out, two weeks ahead of its release. Bosses at top movie ticket agency Fandango report 61 per cent of its daily business is for "" seats."

Fandango Chief Operating Officer Rick Butler tells WENN, "We've seen more sold out showtimes for this film than we've seen for any other film this year, at the same point in the sales cycle."

Gilak r ! Haisssh bile bole booking ticket Deathly Hallows kat Malaysia ni ? Nk book tiket !

p/s: Fandango merupakan salah satu kaunter tiket movie online yg feymes di USA di mana customers bole book n beli tiket secara on9 or telefon tanpa beratur panjang2 kat cinemas semata2 nk beli tiket movie dorg yg nk tgk.

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