Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adele - 19 and 21

AMAZING AND POWERFUL ! Itulah 2 words yg aku boleh gambarkan mengenai Adele. Last week aku dload her latest album called 21 and the previous one wich was 19. Aku saje2 dload nk wat collection skali pas aku dgr aku sgt ketagih nk dgr sore Adele tiap2 ari cm time aku tgh obsessed dgn Maroon 5 dlu. Sblm ni aku just suka satu lagu dier yg feymes kat radio dlu2 - Chasing Pavement. Skali pas dah dgr smua lagu kat both albums dier ni mmg aku dah trus melekat. First skali aku dgr nama Adele ni masa dier wat cameo appearance in 90210 season 1 rasanya takpon season 2. Ingtkan artis biasa2 je n lagu dier tak bape best sgt. Upa2nya lagu dier dier mmg kena sgt dgn taste aku n sore dier mmg la MANTOP ! So kat bawah ni ader a few inlays from her debut album - 19.

Chasing Pavement lyric. Suka tgk org2 dlm video klip ni menari smbl baring kat atas jalan raya. Hehe

Hometown Glory. Currently my FAVOURITE SONG ! Layan abess dgr lagu ni. Hee

Album baru Adele - 21 juga telah menunjukkan jualan album yg amat memberangsangkan di UK apabila sebanyak 100 000 copies telah terjual sejak ia dipasarkan pada 24 January lalu. Hebat !

Cover album 21. Smua lagu dier best but plg suka lagu Rolling in the Deep and Rumour Has It. Hehe

Adele adalah kegilaan artist UK aku selepas Duffy dan Pixie Lott. Hehe

p/s: Cuti dah start. Hmm.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am NERD !

For those who called themselves book lovers (like me! Hehe), MPH Members' Weekend Special is something they looking forward for. It is a MPH's sale dat started on 20th Jan 2011 until 23rd Jan 2011 which is today. All books are entitled for 20% discounts and there are also 50% and 70% off selected books. So I'm pretty hyped when I knew bout dis GRAND SALE and I told myself dat I need to find any money that I could to do some GRAND SHOPPING at MPH. Besides it's really hard to shopping at MPH with discounts because MPH is not like POPULAR bookstore whereby u can get 10% discount for any book that u buy if u r a member at anytime. MPH member system is more to points collection. It's been a while I left reading habit and I kinda miss it. Mybe dis shopping will be a first step of me to get on back to reading habit again. Hehe. I decided to ask some wang ihsan from Along and Kak Ngah and told them my trust fund is still not available in Bank Islam and I am really desperate to buy books and they bought it ! Haha. Thanz a lot to them tho.

Suddenly the day of the Grand Sale almost came and I got da most exciting news dat every student received in every semester. I am RICH AGAIN during Thaipusam's eve ! I was so excited and more looking forward to go MPH like NOW because now I have some extra money ! But I already promised to Yan to go shopping together at MPH and I waited. 

On Saturday Yan and Yus picked me up and we went to MPH @One Utama. Actually I did not make any list of books that I want to buy before came to MPH. I just want to browse any books that looks interested to me and grab them ! Haha. So after almost one hour of browsing, I picked up these books ! Hehe

The cashier lady told me in order for me to get 70% discount for one of the books that I choose I need to buy this recycled bag. Thank God it's nice and MPH branded so I don't mind to spend RM14.90 for this bag.
Back Recycled Bag.

1. For One More Day by Mitch Albom. Original Price - RM32.95. Off 20% - RM26.36. Mitch Albom book is a MUST ! I love read all his books and all of them are inspiring ! Besides it's a light fiction and easy to read.

2. The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk. Original Price - RM34.90. Off 20% - RM27.92. The book is an International Bestseller so I thought why not ? Plus it has something Turkish related and I am all up for any Turkish things. Haha

3. Room by Emma Donoghue. Original Price - RM32.90. Off 20% - RM26.32. Yup fall again for the International Bestseller. Oh MPH also recommends it. Hehe
4. The Silk Route: From Europe to China by Harry Holocroft. Original Price - RM79.90. Off 70% - RM23.97 ! Well it's kinda historical book so it is a MUST ! Haha. Besides it has beautiful illustrations of Silk Route.

The map of Silk Route in the book.

The Red Square, Moscow, Russia.

Iran. I love Iran ! Hehe

But the most exciting book that I picked during this sale is . . .


5. Istanbul: City of Two Continents by John Cleave. Original Price - RM79.90. Off 50% - RM39.95 ! I always love Istanbul. Ohh this book really makes me want to go here more badly ! All thanks to Yan because she was da one who found dis book. Love you Yan ! Hehe

The Blue Mosque !

Sufi dance and some nice illustrations of Istanbul.

So the total is . . . well u can count the total by yourself. Hehe. After MPH shopping, Me, Yan and Yus met a few friends of Yus who studied at same place with him which is ALAM. Then we went to The Curve and met Yan's sister. She worked at Habib. So Habib = Yan+Yus = Marriage ! Haha. Yan also tried some White Gold rings which cost THOUSANDS OF RINGGIT ! We also went to IKEA and had the delicious IKEA's meat ball. We end our jalan2 by going to Safwa's because she invited us for small makan2 at her house. Faruq, Ainu, Zuhdy and a couple of their friends were also there. It's a nice small gathering. Hehe

p/s: Tibe2 je nk tules post ni in full English. Kesannya HORRIBLE ! Haha my English writing is totally SUCKS ! Tak spontaneous lgsg ayat2 aku ni and the worst is TAK BEST LANGSUNG TULES POST IN FULL ENGLISH ! Hahaha.

p/ss: Terima kasih to Yan and Yus pasal bwk aku g MPH ! Sgt heppy and puas sgt2 dapat shopping sakan buku. Hehe

p/sss: The Silk Road is an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, as well as North and Northeast Africa and Europe. While Istanbul is historically known as Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine Empire but changed to the capital of Osmanli/Ottoman Empire when Sultan Mehmed al- Fateh II captured it in 1453. Currently it is a one the famous city of current modern state of Turkey Republic.

p/ssss: Lagi 2 textbooks yg order kat ebay dah sampai. Seb bek buku Economics ni smpi mggu ni. Bolela aku stdy for mid term next week on Friday. 

Buku 2nd hand. Tu yg ader tules nama Vicky J. tu. So murah je la RM26 termasuk skali shipping. Hehe. Buku ni utk BFF sbnrnya. Hehe

Ni pon sama gak buku 2nd hand tapi nmpk cm baru gak. Ni mahal skit RM50 termasuk skali shipping pasal shipping dier mahal. Yela buku ni from USA bukan cm kat ats ni from UK.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's all about Russia Part I

Kray or the English translation The Edge. Kray should be pronounced like cry in Russian language. Ni last year punya movie and it has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in this year Oscar.
So far History of Russia and Modern History of Europe classes are gettin' interesting. Last night br je abes tgk Russian movie called Kray. I love watching historical movies with Dr Kopanski. Stiap kali klu tgk movie dgn dier msti dier akan bg commentaries or translates any foreign languages like French and Russian into English. Msti commentaries dier akan wat aku "Oohhhh and Aaahhh" and wat aku "Aah kan tak terpikir lak msg dier cm2". Kadang2 dier akn ckp gak "This one is incorrect. There is no strong historical evidence that shows that bla2" and msti dier btulkan certain english subtitles yg kuar kat movie n bgtau da real meaning of dat words. He seriously knows how to teach history in da most COOOLEST WAYYY EVA !

Oh aritu dier bwk ag his own historical artifacts. Dis time dier tnjk kat klas Russian money and newspaper in 1990s. Aku pon dpt materials ni mmg dah tak keruan bagai trus kuar iPhone and snap2 cm org br pas jmpa harta karun. Hee

Front руб5. Russia currency is RUB (Ruble).

Back руб5. There is no official symbol for Rusia currency but руб is widely used by the people.

Front руб10

Back руб10. Oh the money dated back on 1909 as u can see the date on each money. So it was printed during the reign of the last Tsar just before the beginning of the WWI in 1914.

Front cover Russia's newspaper. Taktau newspaper ni tahun 1991 ke 1994. Soryla sy tak paham bahasa Russia. Hehe. Ha tak silap aku gmba kat newspaper tu gmba the last Tsar, Nicholas II.

Inside the newspaper.

Another page in the Russia newspaper

Selaen dr Russian ruble, Dr Kopanski pon tnjk gak duet German. Kesimpulannya duet ni smua time WWI.

Front ℳ250. In 1914 - 1923 the German adopted German Papiermark currency. The currency symbol is ℳ. Cmne nk taw ni duet German? Pasan tak kat eagle tgh2 tu ader swastika kan? So Swastika = Nazi = Germany. Hehe

Back ℳ250. Currently the German used Euro as their currency like France, Italy and etc.

Semester ni aku syok btol ! Skang ni smua org tgh pening pala nk mid term berderet2. Aku ? Mid term pon just satu dua sbjk je. Out of 7 subjects, 4 subjects aku takder mid terms. All thanks to sape lagi: Dr Kopanski kesayangan la ! Hehe

p/s: Skang sgt obessed dgn Marie Antoinette ! She was the last French Queen before she was killed in 1793 during the peak of French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette 2006 film. Movie ni pon Dr Kopanski tayang time klas Modern Europe history. Hehe

p/ss: MPH ader wat sale besar2an weekend ni. Jom shopping buku ! Hehe

Sunday, January 16, 2011

40450, Shah Alam

So aku baru je balik from Shah Alam. Smuanya gara2 Nun ajak aku g sana n karok dgn dier with El. Of kos la karok kat KL lagi best (RED BOX SOGO IS DA BEST !) but since Nun cm bz and aku pon borink dah lama giler tak g Shah Alam aku pon cm ok je wit da idea g sini. Mula2 ajak Yan skali nk join karok since dier pon stdy kat UiTM but dier g Melaka lak nk wat bufday suprise for bf dier Yus.

On Saturday morning pon aku bgn lmbt as usual. Gerak from Kepong nek KTM and beli tiket g Padang Jawa pasal Nun ckp dier nk amik aku kat sni. Fyi, Nun mmg bwk keta g Shah Alam ni. Pelik lak aku beli tiket Padang Jawa ni pasal ni 1st time aku beli tiket KTM yg menghala Sentul - Pelabuhan Klang. Nek je KTM rasa legaa psal tak ramai org pon. Tak sesak spt biasa. Since perjalanan dier mengambil masa 45 minit +- cm2 aku pon layanla Desperate Housewives and Supernatural yg aku tak tgk ag kat iPhone aku. Takderla bosan mana duk kat dlm KTM tuh.Well for those yg masih lagi meragui best ke x or patut ke x beli iPhone ni bnda cmnila korg akan alami klu korg dah bosan2 pasal bole layan movies or pape videos dlm phone korg. Klu berminat bole contact Azlan 0132002769 aka my bro. Dier ader jual sgala phone termasukla iPhone. Haha smpt ag aku promote bisnes abg aku.

Padang Jawa KTMB Station. Typical lama punya KTM stations
Pas dah smpi tuh kena tggu lama skit Nun pasal dier g amik El. Tggu punya tggu smpila Nun n El. Masuk je keta Nun ckp ader problem. Upa2nya rini dier bz skit pasal soknya (Sunday) dier nk g Bangkok dgn bdk2 UiTM dier. Ader field trip kos dier. G lima hari lak 2. JELES GILER ! Soo mcm2 la bnda dier nk uruskan. Pas dah discuss2 kitorg decide dlu g makan dlu. Nun g bwk aku n El makan kat ader satu kedai kat Padang Jawa ni jual masakan Jawa. Makan pecal ayam Jawa. El dier tak penah g sni dier kata n klu dier slalu makan pon dier slalu g makan kat Pusat Komersial wich later I found out kat area2 umah dier je. Nun saje je la nk bg try makan sth new ni so aku pon ok je. Katanya dah bosan makan Mcd and KFC (Aku tak penah2 bosan makan Mcd pon. Hehe). Pas dah order n pecal ayam tu smpi kat ats table kitorg brla pasan aku penah makan bnda ni time kat Bali. Not bad gak rasa dier kat sni. Ayam goreng dier pon panas je ag macam br pas goreng. Pas makan Nun dier kena g jumpa lecturer dier pasal nk discuss trip g Bangkok tomorrow. So El decide soh drop by aku n dier kat Jusco Bukit Raja sementara nk tggu Nun nk g jmpa lecturer dier.

Ni masakan sunda time aku makan kat Bali tuh. Lbeyh kurg cmni r makanan dier aku makan kat Padang Jawa but less complicated takder sayur2 pelik tu. Hehe

Time odwy g Jusco Bukit Raja, El n Nun jadi tour guide aku. Jalan je skit dorg mula la citer ha nila iCity yg org slalu g tu, ha ni la UiTM pintu blakang, ha ni la UiTM pintu depan dier, ha nila Giant, KFC Mcd n macam2 ag. Cm klaka lak. Patu mata aku cm jakun lak pasal kiri kanan depan blakang aku tgk smua students je kat area sni. Takder plk aku nmpk org tua makcik pakcik ke ap ke. Yewla tmpt aku duk round2 ni pon dkt dgn UiTM kan soo mmgla byk la students. Besides aku rasa 90% students dier smua duk luar je mmg la nmpk muka students kat luar ni je. Klu kat yuyayiea tu smua bdk dier duk dlm tu so jarangla nmpk lambakan students melilalu2 kat luar yuyayiea tu.

Sesampai je Jusco Bukit Raja aku n El pon jalan2 window shopping. Mata aku sakit btol tgk smua kedai less je. 30%, 50%, 70% smua la percent2. Arghh tensen giler tgk duet tak masuk ag. Den kitorg masukla Voir punya boutique kat Jusco ni. Pusing2 sblm nk kuar baru pasan ader Diadora punya outlet kat dlm Voir ni n byk gak less for baju2 dier. Baju2 dier smart gak den tgk less 70%. Waa ni mmg kena beli je rasanya. Pas dah belek2 aku pon amik satu T-Shirt round neck wich after less RM17.90 and El amik 2 collar shirts and after less RM23 sth cm2 each. Haha tak plan pon nk beli skali tgk temptation baju trus men amik je. After dat just pusing2 je kat dlm Jusco. Ingt nk tgk wyg pasal nk bazir masa kat sni tapi tak jd nk tgk cuz takut terlebeyh masa lak. Besides Nun nk amik pas Maghrib cm2. Patu citer pon smua bosan2. Time jalan2 ni mcm biasala aku klu dgn El ni ader je bnda ktorg nk borak. Mmg tak benti2 borak. Den makan ais krim choco top. Masa kitorg duk pusing2 dlm Jusco Bukit Raja ni kitorg g baca comments customer wat kat Jusco sni. Aku sjk jadi promoter kat Jusco Kepong dlu mmg dah start suka g baca org comment kat Jusco ni pasal kadang2 comments dorg tu klaka n cm bodo pon ader. Mula2 time baca byk org komen pasal parking kata parking kat sni horrible n mesin autopay dier smua rosak n satu je bole guna. Skali aku jumpa dua comment forms ni pas aku n El baca kitorg gelak cm org giler. 

Haha ader gak customer yg backup Jusco n duk kutuk balik customer yg complain2 ni. Slalu aku jmpa customer puji services kat Jusco ni je tak penah lak jmpa cmni.

Comment ni yg paling aku nk gelak skali klu baca. Bole plk nk beza2kan dgn Jusco Bukit Tggi tu n kata bole menimbulkan "ketakutan" kepada pelanggan. Nmpk sgt cm takle terima bgnan2 moden ni. Freak giler ! Patu taktau malu ngaku penulis bebas B. Harian and Metro lak 2. Haha

Macam2 btol org skang ni. Time jalan2 kat sni ader la 2 3 org tegur El cuz tmpt sni mmg bdk2 UiTM suka g pon. After Maghrib cm2 Nun pon dtg balik n pickup ktorg den ktorg g tmpt utama yg mahu dituju sjk aku dtg Shah Alam since siang tadi wich is KARAOKE ! Mula2 ingt nk g karok kat Greenbox kat Jusco Bukit Tggi tapi cm jauh skit n mahal plk. Nun plk masih ag bz n dier kena wat assignment dgn kwn dier la bagai. So ktorg pon just g karok kat Bintang Gemilang dkt ats Giant supermarket dkt dgn UiTM ni. Tmpt karok ni kecik giler but aku impress pasal dier wat byk giler box2 kecik smpi bole muat 20 karaoke box or bilik kecik. Karok kat sni ikut lagu. Satu lagu RM1 soo ktorg decide sorg amik 5 lagu.  Nun bole plk karok lagu Barakallah by Maher Zain. Haha aku pon join skali r. Mmg PUAS dapat melalak2. Tapi cm segan nk lompat2 or terkinja2 pasal kat box ni lampu dier takle gelapkan n den org duk lalu lalang2. But stil rasa puas dpt karok ! Aku mmg suka karok dgn Nun and El pasal kitorg punya genre lagu smua sama2. Hehe.

TV Kecik tnjk pilih lagu karok 2.

El n Nun tgh 'high' karok. Haha

Ni lagu Reason by Hoobastank. Yg klakanya video dier just tnjk lirik lagu tu je. Haha

Time dah nak abes ni ingt nk tmbh ag lagu tapi org dah book bilik ktorg. Soo cm hampa la skit tak dpt karok lama2 ag. But still rasa puas dpt karok. Hehe.  Patu sblm g makan Nun bwk aku masuk UiTM. So ktorg pon pusing la satu UiTM ni. El ckp ader 25 fakulti ! Byk giler nk mampos. Mmg Nun bwk aku g stiap2 fakulti ni la. Haha. El tak pnh masuk UiTM time mlm n tibe2 dier ckp UiTM ni cantek lak time mlm pasal lighting punya pasal. Klu tak dier ckp buruk je time siang pasal byk bgunan lama kan. Bg aku UiTM Shah Alam ni cm UIA PJ je cuma dier lagi besaaar. After dat ktorg blaa den g makan kat restoran melayu dkt bwh fly-over nk g KTM Padang Jawa. Makan kat sni ingt sng r nt nk anta aku trus g KTM. But pas aku tgk jadual KTM wich aku dload to my iPhone time aku duk on9 jap kat Starbucks Jusco Bukit Raja tadi last tren kol 10.50PM and time ktorg smpi kat restoran sni pon dh kol 10.30PM. Mcm tak smpt la gayanye. But ktorg makan dlu n lepak2 borak2 jap n tgk cmner nt. Makanan kat sni cptla smpi but bg aku takderla sedap mana compare to restoran Sungai yg aku slalu makan kat Gombak 2. Pas makan Nun g toilet jap n aku ckp kat El "Eh kiter kena tnya soklan kat Nun yg kiter dah pakat nk tnya tadi time kat Bukit Raja tuh." Aku soh El tnya soklan tu pasal aku cm segan lak nk tnya soklan ni kat Nun. Besides klu aku tnya nmpk cm aku ni mmg bz body sgt2 n takut Nun taknk citer. So time Nun datang blik aku ingtkan El nk tnya n ckp skali aku plk yg kena tnya. Haish. Aku pon ckpla "Ermmm Nun aku tgk kat FB ko skang status ko dah "In a Relationship" nmpk. Betul ke?" Patu Nun pon . . . .

Soryla rakan2 Nun tak kasi aku citer dgn lbey lanjut mengenai soklan yg aku ajukan tadi kat dier. Soo citer tu mmg exclusive utk aku n El n je. Haha !

Pas Nun dah jawab soklan aku (HOT stories ok! Haha) ktorg pon gerak r g KTM Padang Jawa. Skali pas tnya pak cik kat situ dah takder pon tren kat situ. Den El ajak tdo kat umah dier pasal klu nk tdo kat umah Nun cm dier bz lak nk prepare utk g Bangkok sok smua. Nun pon antala aku n El balik umah El. Mula2 rasa cm awkward gak pasal umah EL ni dahla ramai giler org duk. 14 org kot ! Msti smua pandang pelik je. Aku ni dahla mmg ader masalah utk berkomunikasi dgn strangers ni. Pas dah say goodbyes to Nun, aku pon ikut r El masuk umah dier. Umah sewa El ni 2 tgkt dr luar cantek gak r umah dier. Tapi masuk dlm mmg kosong r takder perabut ap smua. Yela umah bujang kan. Patu dorg pon baru je pndh sni 2 mggu. Masa aku masuk umah El ni takder org kat bawah n smua kat ats. Patu lama2 skit tu ader la kwn2 dier trun n aku just pandang2 dorg cm2 je. Takder tego2 sgt. Byk yg takder kat umah dier pasal kuar smua. Housemates El macam2 jenis org ader. Ader yg berniaga Otak2 la, ader yg men surf-skate board la, ader yg OKU, ader yg ustaz la n macam2 ag. Malam tu dorg men card n aku just duk tepi je tgk dorg men. Cm meriah gak r. Tibe2 aku rasa cm best lak duk satu umah ramai2. But of kos la nt ader cons dier cm takder privacy smua. But ntah mlm tu aku rasa jeles lak dgn El n rasa cm nk tggl serumah je dgn dorg. Mlm tu gak pas smua org dah g tdo aku n El duk godam sama2 laptop El. Dier tnjk smua Youtubers punya artists yg cover lagu2 hitz ni n smua aku tak penah tgk ag. Patu kitorg tgk trailer movies yg kuar thn ni smpi lebam. Dh kol 4.30 cm2 baru ktorg g tdo.

Bgn2 tgk2 dh kol 12PM. Haha melepas Suboh. Teruk btol. Pas mandi2 El pinjam keta kawan dier pasal nk anta aku g KTM balik. Sblum balik sggh A&W brunch. Pas brunch aku pon say goodbyes to El pulangla ke Kepong.

Pas aku dah visit Shah Alam ni aku rasa cm nk tkr UiTM pon ader. Tibe2 rasa cm coool je duk ramai2 kat satu umah pasal teringt duk kat dorm ramai2 time skola dlu. Patu blaja kat UiTM guna BM wlupon dlm exam jawab in English but still klu dlm kelas tu takder nak pikir berpuluh2 kali wat ayat elok2 dlu sblm tnya soklan. Bole je men tnya ap yg terlintas kat dlm pala otak trus without any hesitations. Ni klu kat yuyayiea aku nk tnya soklan pikir macam2. Patu environment kat Shah Alam ni pon cam besst je. Wlupon takder byk entertainment cm kat KL tu tapi aku cm suka plk. Ntahla tibe2 je suka kat UiTM ni. Myb aku dah bosan dgn yuyayiea ni kot. But stil aku bersyukur laja kat yuyayiea ni. Ok peace out !

p/s: Yay buku teks Modern Europe History dah sampai ! Ritu beli kat ebay. But baru smpi satu. Ader lagi 2 buku tak smpi ag.

Nipis je pon buku dier. Takder la tebal mana. 25 bucks cm2 je hrga dier.

Suka content dier ! Sgt colourful n full with pictures. Hehe

p/ss: Thanz to El pasal wat aku sgt giler dgn Boyce Avenue. Suka giler dier cover lagu Firework !

Bole tgk video dier yg laen kat sni. Hehe

Thursday, January 13, 2011

4 AM in the Morning

It's 4.44 AM in the Thursday morning and I still up n fresh. Tadi br je pas makan Nasi Goreng Kampung + Telor Mata (Nasi Goreng Feveret. Sape slalu makan dgn aku myb pasan kot aku slalu order nasi ni je) and pekena Milo Ais kaf Cafe Faruq. Oh aku sgt suka akn Cafe Mahalah aku wlupon makanan dier biasa2 je cuz cafe ni bukak almost 24/7. Starting from last week dah cm habit every Rabu malam aku tak tdo den kol 4 cm2 aku g melantak wich trus sahur. Dah lama tak puasa sunat Khamis. Klu dlu kat skola rajen la. Tupon aku rasa rajen pasal bound to social pressure. Kwn2 pose aku pon pose. But tak bermakna time aku puasa tu aku tak ikhlas of kos la aku try sehabis mungkin nk puasa btol2 kan. But lately ni rasa cm kurg sgt wat pahala kat Tuhan tibe2 rasa at least puasala la smggu skali so dptla rasa diri ni suci skit. Ni asyik bergelumang dgn maksiat je. Haha. Time makan kat cafe ni msti je ader org layan bola. Tadi pon smpt gak tgk my so-called feveret football team Arsenal lawan dgn Ipswich T. smpi half-time. Tupon dah kena blaa from cafe pasal pekerja2 cafe Faruq tu trus tutup TV pasal dorg pon nk stop keja gak kan. Last week pon cmni gak dpt tgk Arsenal lawan City smpi half-time gak tp pasal mls nk tggu smpi abes full-time punya aku trus blaa time tgh break 2. So skang ngadap laptop update blog jap.

Tadi sblm sahur kat cafe g lepak bilik kawan aku ni. Nama dier Kirin n ktorg ni takderla bape rapat pon. Time kat CFS Nilai pon penahla aku satu class dgn dier 2 sem cm2. Patu dah masuk Gombak ni jarang jumpa wlupon ktorg satu mahalah je. Klu jmpa just "Hey Kirin n Hey Azam" or sapa2 cm2 je. Takder borak panjang or tnya how's life cm2. But sem ni aku sama klas dgn dier in Intro to Economics punya class. Dier budak Poli (short form to Political Sciences) so mmg class ni dier kena amik cuz sbjk ni asalnya mmg utk bdk Poli je. Since aku minor in BBA, dlm stdy plan aku mmg kena amik sbjk Intro to Econs ni so aku pon add la subjek ni n so samala klas dgn dier. Aku tak terfikir pon nk g blik dier at da first place tapi masa time usha2 FB aku nmpk status Luqman tules "I felt the earth beneath my feet" n br pasan tu lirik lagu Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Aku teringt Keane aku teringt Kirin pasal dlu2 aku penah dtg blik dier n dier ni giler Keane. So I decided to text him n ckp nk copy smua albums Keane from him. Skang ni aku gian nk dgr album2 band2 lama or artis yg semi-popular time dlu2. Den aku g r blik dier. 

Mula2 masuk ingt nk copy albums Keane n some of his movies dier amik from LAN je den bla trus pasal time tu pon dah lewat kol 12 lbey n nk dkt kol 1 cm2. But pas dah ddk2 kat blik dier ktorg pon stat borak2. But aku tak sedar pon yg ktorg borak macam org pak cik2 tua lepak kat kopitiam. Like seriously NON-STOP punya borak! Mcm org tak penah jmpa stahun la. We talk like everything pasal studies, lecturers, ponteng class, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory (Priority to Sheldon of kos!), Alternative movies, Marvels, DC, Star Wars, clothes, jeans, perfumes, footballs, Arsenal, Man U, Malaysia VS Indon, travels, family, Thailand, Bali, UK, Paris, aquariums, Master, UM, UKM, Social sciences, social pressure, jobs, Rock the World, British Museum, Louvre, ICU, Perlis, Kedah, Bundle, Dubai, On9 shopping, fishing, BBA, Pavilion and many more. Oh of kos duk kutuk2 some of our friends too. Time aku tgh borak2 ni br pasan aku senang berborak dgn Kirin upanya. Slalu jmpa cm taktau nk ckp ap but tibe2 rasa kitorg share a lot of common things. Mmg lama r kitorg borak smpi kol 4 cm2. Yg aku herannya takder pon kitorg pause n silence awkward menyusul after dat but just dragging n dragging n dragging conversation kitorg.

Soo wut I am trying to say kadang2 kiter tak expect pon org yg kiter jarang giler talk to sbnrnya org tu la plg best skali wat teman berborak2. Dah lama aku tak rasa puas berborak. I know dis sound weird but aku ader mempunyai feeling di mana it's really hard to find a moment di mana payah nk cari kepuasan berborak wlupon kadang2 kiter pikir klu sblm kiter nk borak dgn kwn2 yg kiter rapat tu kiter akn rasa puas borak dgn mereka2. Sometimes kwn2 yg kiter rapat nila take us for granted n wat2 dgr je time kiter ckp dgn dorg. Bukan dorg dgr btol2 pon ap yg kiter ckp kat dorg n kadang2 makin wat kiter sakit hati lagi ader r. But I know nk alami moment best borak cmni once in a time je. Still it is da best feeling ! Hehe.

p/s: Pasal borak pon leyh wat post kat blog ni. Ni smua gara2 layan How I Met Your Mother punya pasal. HIMYM kan suka sgt utarakan isu2 bnda remeh temeh cm "Have u ever feel that when bla2..?". Haha.

p/ss: To those who read dis, penah tak korg alami cm aku alami ni? Hehe berangan btol aku ni cm ramai sgtla org baca yg post ni n nk jawab soklan aku ni. Haha

p/sss: Tak stat2 ag stdy FAF. Dah makin tak kesah nk exam ke ap. Dah sudah berada di tahap "lantak la xam 2 n pandai2 la idup nt time jwb" or in other words DAH BOSAN STDY and nk duk LEPAK je idop ni !

Currently addicted to Sheldon saying Zazzy ol da time. It's so zazzzy. Haha.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

World War II Newspapers

Di bawah merupakan gmba2 WWII newspapers wich aku tgkp courtesy of Dr. Kopanski. Dr Kopanski bwak these old newspapers time klas History of Russia and showed it to me n my classmates. Fyi, Dr. Kopanski merupakan lecturer yg PALING BESST skali dlm Department of History and Civilization kat Yuyayiea ni. Klu sape nk taw nape aku ckp cmni try r masuk klas dier. Hehe

The Daily Mail, August 20 1943
People's Observer, June 22 1942. It's German Newspaper cuz u can see the Swastika Symbol on top of the header.
Klu dah German punya newspaper of kos ader dlm German punya language. Paper ni dwibahasa. Depan German blakang English.
Adolf Hitler's picture attending the funeral of Adolf Huhnlein in Munich
The Daily Mail December 8, 1941. The news reported the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
British propaganda to instill hatred of Japanese to its citizens.
Blackout time. Bagus btol siap bgtau bile waktu blackout ag. Yela perang kan mestila blackout je mmjg.
The map of Rome, Italy.
The day after the bombing of Hiroshima.
Daily Mail, August 20, 1943
Rubble of building after the German entered the city
The Map of Italy
Daily Mirror
Another cartoon propaganda by the British that depicted Hitler is being bullied by the Soviet Union and 8th Army
Canada declares war on Japan
Malaya pon masuk newspaper omputeh.
Tgh perang !
Theaters and Cinemas showtimes ! Old skool giler.

p/s: World War II started on 1939 till 1945. Estimates of total dead range from 50 million to over 70 million. 

p/ss: Cuak giler nk exam FAF !


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