Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Episodic Part III . .

Pasukan Dikir Barat SMKSP 05!!I was having a huge blast memories n fun with dikir barat time kat skola dlu.Smua ktorg wat sndri from songs,choreographers n so on..ckgu2 suka jew n gelak2 each time ktorg perform pasal ktorg suka exaggerate n over acting time menari.haha.Time ni pas perform kat Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 05.dah r pas perform ni aku kena amik hadiah 4 best student PMR.kelam kabut aku tkr baju.hehe..

Eh ehh Piah bukan maen sonok ko ea bagi acceptance speech time jamuan 5 Ibnu Sina.nmpk sgt Amni duk sblh ko wat muka tak kuasa johh.Amal n Anisah pon wat dono jew..pasan sorg2 r tu.mentang2 r dapat duet rm50 hengget tak silap aku pasal dier best student pompuan kat klas ktorg 4 SPM.oh Oden pown dapat skali pasal dier best student for laki in 5 Ibnu Sina.Alaa korg dpt duet tupon pasal ader duet lbey duet klas wlupon dh beli byk giler KFC time tu.klu tak takder nyer korg dapat..haha.dengki giler aku!memain jew yew Oden n Piah Si GEdik!

From Left: Intan, Awyn, Tasha, Peha, Mcda, Mash, Piah (gedik spt biasa.haha!), Alina, Zul, Nadea, Fatin, Wawa, Adda n Mayam sblm kew pas Annual Dinner Hostel 06..not soo sure..hehe

Duma, Oden, Mirul, Mus, Elnur, Aku n Hazim time Kawat Kaki kat SEPINTAR.

Me n Noon kat Library Skolah.Kami Pengawas PSS yg sgt berdedikasi!

Alina, Trah, Yan n Intan take a break from hectic preparation for Hostel Dinner 05.Fyi, I was the Programme Manager!haha.

Locker aku time kat Dorm Hasan.Aaahh Ashlee Simpson is da inspiration during dis time.haha.notes2 yg tampal tu bukan baca sgt pown..Aku penah menang Locker Terbersih time F3 kat Dorm Usman.time tu mmg compete giler dgn Locker Sam yg sentiasa bersih nk mampos!haha..

p/s:Aku n Intan dah plan nk wat reunion kat KFC KLCC on 19th June 2009 after Jumaat Prayer.All are invited yew..maklumat lanjut sila contact Intan for Galz n Aku for Boys..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pissed Off ? ? ? I AM ! !

Recently I met ONE of my BESTIES accidentally at Muamalat Bank (We always bumped each other at here) in IIUM..We said hellos n Me speaking in a hi pitch as I always do that when I see any my BESTIES (I always do that voice bcuz of the exaggeration n at least to show dem dat I'm glad to c them even tho some of them I don't.haha,kidding!It's a must for Drama Queen like Me..hihi)..I want to deposit my money in da bank while she wants to pay da fees.Owh to all my uians frenz in case u don't know u can't delay ur money transter to IIUM account for dis short semester bcuz I already asked the Finance.After we have finished with our own business with the Muamalat so0-called accountant we walked out from the bank (I can see a relief PheeWW and annoyance in da Abg Guard when I was reaching da door bcuz I was very LOUD when talking to my Besty in da Bank) and went to Finance to send the bank slip..At the same time rains started to pour like A Hell Catfight between Simon Cowell and Kara Dioguardi or u can put in common term like cat and dogs and I asked "Apa kata ko tmnkan aku makan dahla aku tak lunch ni.tadipon aku ader klas n tak makan ag.skang tgh hujan lebat n ko nk balik pown payah hujan2 ni".So she answered "Bole jugak.bole tggu hujan reda dlu nk balik kang abis basah kuyup aku".

We went to Kyros Kebab n I ordered some kebab wit fries n salad n Coke n she didn't order anything (try to save her money I guess.hehe).so we talked and talked n catch up wit recent Gossips n Scandals as usual until I asked her "The Question" n she willingly to answer "The Question".My Besty started her stories and I listened to her.Its really painful for her to recap again and tell me da stories but she was very calm n blend some jokes in the stories to make da story interesting.yes we laugh together and I can't stop cursing da Jackass.The story was REALLY SHOCKING n JAW-DROPPING compare to the previous stories dat I heard from my another Besty.I am soo Mad wit the Jackass and I wished I was with her during all this dramas happened at her so dat I can at least comfort her or bicthing together so that she will feel ok during dat time.However I was not there and it has already happened.I asked her "So skang ni ko ok kew tak?" and she reply "Bolela (smbl senyum)"..GOsh at that time i felt soo overwhelmed and I knoe she tried to hide her feelings to me.huhu..I really hate when my frenz especially My BESTIES got hurt bcuz I will feel utterly terrible as I don't put my full effort to help them.n to da some group of boys n men out there WHY U GUYS HAVE TO BE SUCH WHORE SCUMS N PAIN IN THE ASS??!!U shud be lucky as there are people who love you n want to take care of you..BE Grateful Laaa!soo I am totally pisssed off n irritated right now..urgh!

My Recent Bday Gift from Intan..haha..Love U Intan!!Nt aku blikan ko Vincci bulan 6 nt for bday ko ea'

Glossary:Aku mmg guna term BESTIES to refer to my Sg Pusuians frenz only in dis blog..hehe..

p/s:Dah lama aku tak tulis pape in English (exceptional to exam papers r)..rasa kekok lak n byk bt0l grammatical errors.kpd Ratu2 Spell-Check soorry laa yew klu aku ader wat mistakes.n tak lupa juga kpd Una aku dah tak majuk dgn ko n maafkan ko..hehe..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Confession of A TV Addict : KRIS ALLEN ! !

Kris Allen sings No Boundaries after crowned as American Idol Season 8

Well da result is out n da winner for American Idol Season 8 is KRIS ALLEN!hahaha..aku sgt gumbira Kris menang wlupon aku rasa Adam Lambert layak gak menang.papepon tahniah diucapkan kpd Kris cuz U really deserve it n ko mmg contestant yg penuh artistry n originality.owh kepada rakan2 sperjuangan yg sokong Adam Lambert spt Syahmi, Vogue, Balan jgnla bersedey yew Adam kalah nk wat cmner org Amerika suka ag Kris than Adam.hahaha..actually Adam pon best jgk tapi nk wat cmner Americans still minat Kris yg muka jambu ni r..haha.Aku rasa sape2 yg tak penah tgk idols mmg patut tgk finale time result show dier cuz HELL BEST NK MAMPOS!!rmi artis wat performance dgn Top 13 Idols n AWESOME giler!!excited abis r aku tgk..hihi..FYI,American Idol Season 8 ni sooo far is da best Season aku penah tgk bcuz smua Top 13 dier mmg gempak2 giler n aku rasa smua hebat nyanyi2..Antara favourites aku yg len Danny Gokey, Allison Irraheata, Anoop Desai n Mat Giraud.American Idol jew la satu2nya reality tv show yg aku minat dr dlu smpi skang.sory la yew aku tak penah minat REality shows Malaysia punya like Af n OIAM n klu nk dibandingkan Malaysia n Amerika nyer ni mmg langit dgn bumi..muahaha..wuteva it is American Idol ROCKS!!yeaaah!!

Adam Lambert sings Mad World

Top 13 sings Smooth dgn Carlos Santana

Carrie Underwood sings Home Sweet Home (suka giler lagu ni) wich also theme song for this season.

Top 13 again opens da show with So What by Pink

Jason Mraz pon ader skali sings I'm Yours with Anoop and Alexis

Adam dgn KISS!Best giler!

Allison n Cindy Lauper sing Time of Time

p/s:Thankz a lot To Mus pasal kasi aku tumpang umah dier tgk Final American Idol ari Rabu ritu n Result Show Live kat Star World ari kamis gak..Fyi,for da first time eva I have tears drop on my face pas tgk finale Grey's Anatomy Season 5.Shonda Rhimes np ko kejam sgt nk matikan watak George n Izzie??!!!arghhhh..pani byk US series dah abis..taktau nk tgk citer ap..hmph..

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am hurt when i see my best fren got last i have heard the stories and the confessions..she told me she's okay right now and she has move on but i am not okay with it."no dramas azam" she told me again..yes no least for now..

p/s: Best giler merempit bersama Trah,Mus n Nadea g KLCC tgk premiere Angels and Demons on 14th May.basah kuyup giler ktorg time odwy blk..haha.btw thanz for the beverage n popcorn Trah!


p/ss: I am getting shophaholic symptoms as I have bought a sweater just aku pikir yg Sweater ni takder kat butik2 Nike laen except kat Nike Pavilion wlupon aku mmg tgh takder duet n aku msti beli dier ASAP cuz takut abis stok.besides dis sweater pon tggl yg display jew for my I have to use my imaginary credit card to buy dis sweater.owh Rebecca Bloomwood thank you for da,dis sweater costs me 249 bucks!

A Dream Comes True . .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Semester 3 08 / 09 . .

Buku Arab Hs Level 3 (bku ni dgnakan sbg Level 2 4 Bar, Irk n Hs students kat CFS)

Aku tgk byk kwn2 uia aku wat posting pasal short sem aku pon nk wat gak r posting pasal short sem aku.hehe.most of kwn2 aku yg tulis psl short sem dorg ckp life bosan psl skit klas n bla2..tapi aku rasa short sem aku sgt menyeronokkan n wat aku hepy jew are some reasons WHY aku rasa short sem aku best..hehe

  • Aku dpt sebilik dgn Akmal n Nabil!at last aku tak rasa sunyi pasal aku ader kwn nk borak2 n bilik aku akn KOMPEM sentiasa bersih to previous semester aku TAK PENAH TEGOR dengan 2 org rumates aku smpi akhir semester cuz dorg senior n dorg pown tak penah tego aku.time mula2 jumpa ader la aku senyum2 tapi dorg wat aku pown wat bodo la gak.sorg ag aku slalu tegur pasal dier kwn se-HS dgn aku.biasala aku mana la suka tegur2 STRANGERS ni.slagi org tu tak tegur aku slagi tula aku takkan tegur dorg smpi bile2!(Hello!Seniors Sg Pusu aku kat uia pon aku tak tegur wlupon berselisih jew klu jalan.Wut can I say I AM Such An Arrogant Beyottch!LMAO!)
  • Aku amik Arab Level 3 shj short sem ni n ia tersangatla BoWhsan pasal aku kena laja Arab blk but klas aku full tak mcm kwn2 aku klas dier skit level 3 ni sepatutnya 8 hours every week so klu short sem ni dier doublekan jadila 16 HOURS!aku mula2 reserve jew sbjk ni skali tgk2 dah pikir bile la lagi ni nk amik arab pasal klu amik time long sem dier akn kaco dgn sbjk2 my class Monday and Wednesday 8am-9.50am den smbg 11am-12.50pm n Tuesday and Thursday 11am-12.50pm den smbg lagi 2pm-3.5opm.satu ari 4 hours blaja arab!dreadful giler.yg ****nya credit hour arab ni 0.5 johh!WTF giler!tapi nk wat cmner terpaksa la amik psl dier elective sbjct aku ader 3 level arab ag yg aku kena abiskan..EUUWW!
  • Rmi geng Sgpusu Uia batch aku dah masuk gombak spt Arep n Fifi time short sem ni.aritu aku g lepak bilik dorg n borak2 lama ia tersangatla BEST.slaen tu aku ader gak jumpa Intan pasal dia nk kasi hadiah bday aku yg dah lama tertunggak dier nk kasi (sbnrnya aku yg mintak.dapat 20 hengget!hihi..pani nk guna duet ni beli belt br) n also Nadea cuz aku jual dvd Heroes S3 kat biasala klu dah jumpa Nadea ni mmg borak lama giler gak r catch up citer PANAS n SKANDAL2 org tak kira sape2 pun smpi Nadea almost forgot to perform Asar prayer.haha.ha aku ader jumpa Ckgu Haiza scara kbtulan kat ATM Muamalat cuz dier nk g Bank Islam kat Uia time aku jumpa Intan n ckgu bukan maen VOGUE lagi.dtg uia pakai shades n wedges patu baju pon tak bole tahan.Fyi,Ckgu Haiza skang smbg wat MAster in education kat UM n dpt sponsorship 4m Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.dier tgh cuti 2thn drpd ngaja BERGAJI Okk n just datang skola utk amik slip gaji johh!Cikgu Haiza pani bole r kiter pegi Spa takpon SAloon sama2 yew..hahaha..
  • Bulan May bulan plg best pasal every week citer br2 n best2 yg aku dah wat review aku dpt tgk.last two weeks aku tgk Wolverine n last week aku tgk Star Trek.dis week aku nk tgk Angels n Demons n next week nk tgk Push n Night at The Museum 2.smua citer2 ni aku tgk dgn Balan pasal klu nk tgk dgn mmbr2 payah skit cuz leceh except citer Push aku nk tgk dgn Mus.sgala perbelanjaan tiket wyg aku adalah hasil duet 100 bucks yg aku dpt 4m Along cuz ktorg wat deal klu aku dpt DL every semester aku dpt thank God semester lepas dpt DL so ader la duet nk wat pelaburan besar2an kat GSC or TGV..hihi.
  • KWn2 Sg Pusu yg U len pon rmi jew dah cuti so dpatla aku jumpa dorg.Cthnya klu aku boring duk Uia aku akn g umah Mus lepak2 kat umah dier smpi umah dier dh jd mcm umah ke 2 aku dah.mak dier pown dah mmg kenal aku sgt r.hehe.time kaseh la yew Mus pasal slalu kasi aku merempat kat umah ko.Br2 nipon aku g skola dgn Arep Suk,Ikwan n Mus.sbnrnya ktorg g skola just nk jumpa Pn Mus pasal Ikwan nk amik signatures 4 borg2 adek dier nk msk PASUM n Arep pulak dier br nk amik sijil SPM.smpi2 Pn Mus takder so jmpa Pn Aida la time ktorg g scara tak sgaja lak jumpa ckgu2 skola laen.Antara Ckgu2 yg ktorg jumpa Ckgu Mariati,Ckgu Haslinda,Ckgu Azian (ckgu Seni yg glamor tu dier siap jerit nama Mus dr jauh ag pas nmpk Mus..haha),Uszth Rohaya,Ckgu Zalizan,Ckgu Rajiah,Ckgu Hasliza,Ckgu Asiah,Ustazah Yuhanis,Ckgu Baim n ader lagi rasanya tapi tak dpt ingt.yg klakanya aku terpaksa tnya2 Ikwan Arep n Mus nk ingt certain2 nama Ckgu2 ni pasal aku dah tak ingt nama dorg!haha.other than that,aku takle blaa betul pasal rmi ckgu2 yg aku jumpa ni kata muka aku dah LAEN!huhh??MMbr2 Sg Pusu jmpa aku ckp biasa2 jew.CKgu2 ni kata dorg tak cam aku time mula2 nmpk ktorg.myb pasal aku pki spek n rmbt aku dah pjg kowt time jmpa ni.ntah la..hehe.pas dah g skola spttnya aku kena blk UIa cuz aku ader klas tapi dorg2 ni ajk aku g Mid cuz Elnur n Noon dah ader kat sana tggu dorg ni nk hangout sama2.Arep bolew r join skali cuz dier takder klas ari tu tapi aku aku decide nk ponteng.hihi..smpi Mid mmg best giler dpt jumpa Elnur n Noon.Elnur spt biasa wat2 lawak dier yg aku tak henti2 gelak n Noon pulak makin slim n mpk macho aku tgk.stylo gak r dier siap pakai cardigan n mmg kena dgn dier.So Noon is officially akunyer FASHION ICON.haha..pas ktorg men boling Duma n Shahrul lak makin meriah laa ktorg jumpa2 smpi dorg2 ni dah stat blk ckp sesama dorg Bahasa Melayu Tinggi..hihi.dapat gakla aku lepas rindu jumpa dorg2 ni.pas aku blk Uia aku ader jumpa classmate arab aku n dier ckp ustzh aku cr aku n aku akn kena BAR klu aku tak dtg klas ag pani.OMG GILER!tak penah2 aku kena threaten nk kena BAR sblm ni.tapi aku tak nyesal pown cuz i have a great time wit my BESTIES n bukan slalu pon jumpa dorg(BAR ni mksdnya takle amik Final sia2 jew la blaja klu takle amik final sah2la ko akn failnya)
  • Kegilaan bergosip sesama kwn Uia makin menjadi2 tatkala ktorg terpaksa makan kat Cafe Usman wich CAfe yg penuh dgn Drama n pelbagai citer HOT!takyah la aku xplain dgn lebey details citer2 ni ckup2la dgn geng2 Uia aku jew.hehe.selain tu Aku,NAbil,Kuntik n REdza g mandi sungai kat Sg Pisang giler..dah lama aku tak mandi sungai.dah laa tmpt ktorg mandi tu si redza bwk kat ceruk2(klu sape2 bdk Sg Pusu ingt time F1 kiter ader g kem yg MAhYUl bwk kat Naga BAse CAmp n tmpt aku mandi ni yg kat 2 terowong besar n tepi hi way time kiter jungle trekking.).time pegi n balik tak sgka lak aku tmpt tu tersangatla jauh pasal aku dah lma tak g situ..hehe

Aku dgn NAbil kat Sg Pisang.Gmba REza n Kuntik takle tunjuk pasal CENSORED sgt.haha!

So aku harap more Dramas n perkara2 yg best akn berlaku spjg Short Semester ni ag..hehe.Ahh Almost forgot kpd2 kwn2 Sg Pusu yg baca posting ni Ckgu2 Skola kiter smua kem salam kat korg yea'

p/s:Sejak semester lepas Intan akn organize makan2 dgn bdk2 Uians Sg Pusu.Sem lps Aku, Sam, Mayam, Intan n Nadea wat small gathering makan sama2 kat dlm Uia.dis semester ktorg nk wat kat outside n myb dkt2 jew cm kat Tmn Melati cuz makin rmi bdk Uians Sg Pusu dah aku dah mintak Intan organize utk wat bulan 6 sape2 yg duk dkt2 ni klu nk join bole r inform aku nt.rmi2 br meriah skit..hihi..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek is The New Sci Fi ! !

Petang tadi me n my bro Alan (ktorg suka hangout together!hehe) pegi Pavilion tgk Star Trek.slalunya ktorg tgk muvie kat OU jew tapi dis time nk bli stok dvd yg dah abis kat Low Yatt so alang2 tgk muvie kat Pavilion jew r..besides aku pown tak penah tgk pown muvie kat Pavi so nk gak r merasa.mggu ni ktorg tgk Star Trek lak as last week ktorg tgk Wolverine.dis month mmg aku dah bertekad nk tgk muvie every week as stiap mggu byk muvie yg best2 week kuar Angels n Demons n n the next week lak kuar Terminator,Night at The Museum 2 n Monsters vs Aliens.smua citer ni har00os aku tonton even tho aku tau aku akn bz dgn upcoming wedding abg aku yg 1st (semua dijemput hadir) on 31st May..So overall citer Star Trek ni mmg AWESOME GILER!!aku ingtkan citer dier biasa2 jew pasal tak beriya pown nk tgk.skali pas tgk aku mmg excited n teruja giler tgk citer ni compare to Wolverine.dah lama aku tak tgk citer yg wat aku bt0l2 teruja time tgk.Star Trek mmg bwk satu pembaharuan kpd citer2 dier yg lama.Aku ni tak penah tgk pown Star Trek pasal i'm not A Big Sci Fi fan tapi ap yg aku baca 4m reviews citer2 dier yg lama smua byk tak director dier yg ni mmg bwk SEXYBACK utk Star Trek r n dgn grafik2 n sound background yg lagi best n real!last kali citer Sci Fi yg aku teruja smpi tgk 2 kali pown Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith.klu sape2 yg pikir citer ni tak best or rasa korg msti tak paham tgk citer ni pasal tak tgk citer sblm2 dier U R Totally Wrong Guys!citer ni straight to da point jew wlupon aku ader pening2 skit pasal dier maen dgn timeline tapi korg ley paham nyer r.aku ni jew r lampi skit klu tgk citer2 yg suka maen dgn timeline jap masa dpn masa lampau..aku bg 10 STARS n 10 Thumbs UP 4 Star Trek.IT's A Must SEE MOVIE!


Kirk and Sulu

Starship Construction in Iowa

The Enterprise Crew From Left: Chekov, Kirk, Scotty, Mccoy, Sulu, Uhura

p/s:sblm tgk Star Trek smpt gak makan2 kat J Co..terbang duet aku beli ice blended mocha dier yg RM11.99 n donut2 dier..takpela skali skala kan'aku pon taksub dgn ice blended mocha pown..hehe

Mochabella n Doughnuts ! !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Episodic Part II . .

Geng Panjat TAngki Air Asrama: From Left: Muaz, Mirul, Afiq, Puan Fuzi, Sam, Faiz Chelah n Aku

Kejadian ini berlaku slps PMR.Aku ingt time tu nape la ktorg tak saba nk naek tangki awal sgt kol 12 mlm cm2 smpi kena kantoi dgn pak gard n Somel..mula2 Mirul trun dlu dgn Muaz rasanya nk cover line.den Aku, Sam, Afiq n Faiz Chelah dgn sepantas kilatnya trus trun tgga kat sblh Dorm Hasan n smpi bwh ktorg trus naek tangki.sblm ktorg naek Hazim,Duma Shahrul dgn Hadi (takpon HAdi naek dgn Aku skali..tak baper ingt dah) tak silap aku nk menyusul pas ktorg dah naek.lepas panjat tgga tangki yg menggerunkan n smpi kat ats mmg masyuk giler!ader gak dpt tgk org merempit kat MRR2 n view dkt gombak utara dan sekitarnya n also angin dier kuat giler!aku rasa aku dah nek terbang duk tolak dgn angin.haha..yg tak tahannya Sam g panjat ag tu dinding tangki yg petak2 smpi btul2 ats tangki.aku dah cuak giler tgk dier panjat time tu kot2 tibe2 jatuh.pas ktorg lepak2 kat ats tu skali pak gard dah panggil ktorg.mmg aku dah gabra giler time tu.menyorok kat bhgian blakang tangki skali tgk2 Somel dah ader gak kat bwh menanti ktorg.upa2nya time ktorg naek dier mmg dah usha ktorg kat pondok rehat aspura ag..hahaha..mmg tak alert ktorg.hukumannya mlm tu ktorg kena kemas brg2 ktorg n bwk turun g surau den bermalam kat situ n esoknya ktorg kena blk umah least dpt blk awal dr org len.haha.time ktorg naek dorm mmbr2 len smua terkejut ktorg kemas brg tgh mlm2 buta n smua sdey jew ktorg kena kantoi.. yg klakarnya yg panjat2 tangki ni hampir smua dapat result2 best PMR cm Aku, Mirul n Sam dpt 9As n Muaz dpt 7 ker 8As..time perhimpunan kat Surau Aspura time f4 Somel perli ktorg ckp ktorg dapat Hidayah kat ats tangki smpi dapat result gempak for PMR..hahaha..

p/s: Puan Fuzi tak pasan pon yg ktorg ni Geng Panjat TAngki time tgkp gmba ni..hehe

Arep (pandang blakang lak..hehe), Nadea (masih lagi pakai GIGI BESI dier), Trah, Mash, Alina, Adda n Haliza kat klas 4 Ibnu Sina..lawa kan klas ktorg??slalu mng Klas terbersih tu..hehe

Una Madyha tgh maen buaian kat taman permainan Kuala Kangsar.time ni ktorg tgh odwy blk dr trip from Penang after PMR.pas aku tgkp gmba MAdyha ni rmi giler nk curi gmba ni dr aku..hahaha..

Shahrul, Ikhwan (pki tuala jew!ish2..), Muaz, Afiq, Duma, Aku, Syuk, Hazim n Mirul kat Dorm Hamzah tak silap aku..Kami Suka Senyum!

Mash (eiy tak decent jelir lidah..haha), Funna, Ainu, Mayam n Hasanah kat dpn klas Server.time ni klas Server kat dewan kecik skolah yg dinding dier ley bukak2 tu..

p/s:Ikhwan nk g umrah 14 May tak silap aku..bestnyaaa!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

LEGO Land . . .

8156 Ferrari FXX 1:17..LEGO idaman..

Makin aku dah bsr makin merapu2 taste2 aku terhadap ap yg aku suka n ia mesti melibatkan wang seterusnya kepada pembaziran.haha.act interest yg aku skang tgh minat ni sbnrnya dah lama minat n aku rasa korg smua esp bdk2 laki msti penah gak minat time kecik2 dlu..aku skang tgh giler nk kumpul LEGO!tapi bukan LEGO biasa2 jew but LEGO yg mahal2 n complicated nk pasang.

Citer dier mula cmni br2 ni me n my bro ader beli para kat ikea.aku sajer nk beli para tu pasal dinding kat bilik aku ni aku rasa kosong sgt(me n my bro kongsi bilik).nk tmpl poster org kata tak elok (tapi kat bilik uia sem lps aku tmpl je poster britney spears the hills hsm jonas brothers n many more..haha) so aku decide nk letak kat ats para ni aku cadang kat abg aku nk letak LEGO2..br2 ni ktorg kongsi duet beli LEGO.mula2 usha kat Sogo den ke Times Square.kat Times square ni pulak dah ttp kedai khas tuk LEGO jew n dah pindah ke the Gardens ktorg pegi Gardens.smpi Mid abg aku dier nk gak cr keta ferrari yg sblm ni dier penah nmpk kt Klcc tapi tgk kat Gardens keta tu esoknya ktorg g KLCC pegi Toys r Us (ktorg jadi mmbr scra accidentally kat Toys R Us tu.klu tak 80 hengget nk jd mmbr!) tapi dah takder.aku ingtkan dier nk bli dah kat situ skali upanya dier tak puas ati nk tnya blk kat kdai LEGO kat Gardens tu ader stok tak ferrari tu pasal kat display dier ader pegi balik Gardens skali takder gak stok ferrari decide gak nk beli satu LEGO pape pasal yela dah berulang alik ke Gardens bazir masa jew r tak beli!(aku sgt tensen dgn abg aku time ni pasal dier menggedik nk beli gak ferrari tu).pas tgk2 macam2 jenis LEGO kat sana,ktorg pon beli satu keta LEGO ni..nama LEGO ni LEGO Creator 4993.

Cover dpn Kotak LEGO 4993

Sblm pasang

35 percent complete

Seat keta LEGO 4993

Tadaa!dah siap.penat giler pasang bnda ni..aku n abg aku pasang dr kol 1 smpi 3 pagi!

Pandangan sisi

Pasan tak dier punya bumbung bole bukak n tutup.Cool kan?hehe..

Ketanya lawa harga dier pon LAWA la yew cik kiah ooii..sama harga dgn duit yuran hostel short sem aku!mmg pokai giler duet ak n abg aku..huhu

Wlupon ktorg pokai2 but stil ktorg rasa puas giler pas pasang..pasni mmg berazam nk beli yg ferrari lagi mahal dr ferrari yg abg aku nk tu.nk kumpul duet nt beli r..hehe..n also nk beli cd ben 10.tibe2 minat tgk kartun ni.seb bek dah jumpa tmpt dkt nk beli cd dier kat Jusco Kepong..hehe

p/s:tak minat action kata tak elok kan kumpul action figures pasal konsep dier sama macm tampal poster kat dinding..ntah r tak bani komen.papepon LEGO mmg COOOOOL!


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