Wednesday, January 12, 2011

World War II Newspapers

Di bawah merupakan gmba2 WWII newspapers wich aku tgkp courtesy of Dr. Kopanski. Dr Kopanski bwak these old newspapers time klas History of Russia and showed it to me n my classmates. Fyi, Dr. Kopanski merupakan lecturer yg PALING BESST skali dlm Department of History and Civilization kat Yuyayiea ni. Klu sape nk taw nape aku ckp cmni try r masuk klas dier. Hehe

The Daily Mail, August 20 1943
People's Observer, June 22 1942. It's German Newspaper cuz u can see the Swastika Symbol on top of the header.
Klu dah German punya newspaper of kos ader dlm German punya language. Paper ni dwibahasa. Depan German blakang English.
Adolf Hitler's picture attending the funeral of Adolf Huhnlein in Munich
The Daily Mail December 8, 1941. The news reported the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
British propaganda to instill hatred of Japanese to its citizens.
Blackout time. Bagus btol siap bgtau bile waktu blackout ag. Yela perang kan mestila blackout je mmjg.
The map of Rome, Italy.
The day after the bombing of Hiroshima.
Daily Mail, August 20, 1943
Rubble of building after the German entered the city
The Map of Italy
Daily Mirror
Another cartoon propaganda by the British that depicted Hitler is being bullied by the Soviet Union and 8th Army
Canada declares war on Japan
Malaya pon masuk newspaper omputeh.
Tgh perang !
Theaters and Cinemas showtimes ! Old skool giler.

p/s: World War II started on 1939 till 1945. Estimates of total dead range from 50 million to over 70 million. 

p/ss: Cuak giler nk exam FAF !

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