Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am NERD !

For those who called themselves book lovers (like me! Hehe), MPH Members' Weekend Special is something they looking forward for. It is a MPH's sale dat started on 20th Jan 2011 until 23rd Jan 2011 which is today. All books are entitled for 20% discounts and there are also 50% and 70% off selected books. So I'm pretty hyped when I knew bout dis GRAND SALE and I told myself dat I need to find any money that I could to do some GRAND SHOPPING at MPH. Besides it's really hard to shopping at MPH with discounts because MPH is not like POPULAR bookstore whereby u can get 10% discount for any book that u buy if u r a member at anytime. MPH member system is more to points collection. It's been a while I left reading habit and I kinda miss it. Mybe dis shopping will be a first step of me to get on back to reading habit again. Hehe. I decided to ask some wang ihsan from Along and Kak Ngah and told them my trust fund is still not available in Bank Islam and I am really desperate to buy books and they bought it ! Haha. Thanz a lot to them tho.

Suddenly the day of the Grand Sale almost came and I got da most exciting news dat every student received in every semester. I am RICH AGAIN during Thaipusam's eve ! I was so excited and more looking forward to go MPH like NOW because now I have some extra money ! But I already promised to Yan to go shopping together at MPH and I waited. 

On Saturday Yan and Yus picked me up and we went to MPH @One Utama. Actually I did not make any list of books that I want to buy before came to MPH. I just want to browse any books that looks interested to me and grab them ! Haha. So after almost one hour of browsing, I picked up these books ! Hehe

The cashier lady told me in order for me to get 70% discount for one of the books that I choose I need to buy this recycled bag. Thank God it's nice and MPH branded so I don't mind to spend RM14.90 for this bag.
Back Recycled Bag.

1. For One More Day by Mitch Albom. Original Price - RM32.95. Off 20% - RM26.36. Mitch Albom book is a MUST ! I love read all his books and all of them are inspiring ! Besides it's a light fiction and easy to read.

2. The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk. Original Price - RM34.90. Off 20% - RM27.92. The book is an International Bestseller so I thought why not ? Plus it has something Turkish related and I am all up for any Turkish things. Haha

3. Room by Emma Donoghue. Original Price - RM32.90. Off 20% - RM26.32. Yup fall again for the International Bestseller. Oh MPH also recommends it. Hehe
4. The Silk Route: From Europe to China by Harry Holocroft. Original Price - RM79.90. Off 70% - RM23.97 ! Well it's kinda historical book so it is a MUST ! Haha. Besides it has beautiful illustrations of Silk Route.

The map of Silk Route in the book.

The Red Square, Moscow, Russia.

Iran. I love Iran ! Hehe

But the most exciting book that I picked during this sale is . . .


5. Istanbul: City of Two Continents by John Cleave. Original Price - RM79.90. Off 50% - RM39.95 ! I always love Istanbul. Ohh this book really makes me want to go here more badly ! All thanks to Yan because she was da one who found dis book. Love you Yan ! Hehe

The Blue Mosque !

Sufi dance and some nice illustrations of Istanbul.

So the total is . . . well u can count the total by yourself. Hehe. After MPH shopping, Me, Yan and Yus met a few friends of Yus who studied at same place with him which is ALAM. Then we went to The Curve and met Yan's sister. She worked at Habib. So Habib = Yan+Yus = Marriage ! Haha. Yan also tried some White Gold rings which cost THOUSANDS OF RINGGIT ! We also went to IKEA and had the delicious IKEA's meat ball. We end our jalan2 by going to Safwa's because she invited us for small makan2 at her house. Faruq, Ainu, Zuhdy and a couple of their friends were also there. It's a nice small gathering. Hehe

p/s: Tibe2 je nk tules post ni in full English. Kesannya HORRIBLE ! Haha my English writing is totally SUCKS ! Tak spontaneous lgsg ayat2 aku ni and the worst is TAK BEST LANGSUNG TULES POST IN FULL ENGLISH ! Hahaha.

p/ss: Terima kasih to Yan and Yus pasal bwk aku g MPH ! Sgt heppy and puas sgt2 dapat shopping sakan buku. Hehe

p/sss: The Silk Road is an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, as well as North and Northeast Africa and Europe. While Istanbul is historically known as Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine Empire but changed to the capital of Osmanli/Ottoman Empire when Sultan Mehmed al- Fateh II captured it in 1453. Currently it is a one the famous city of current modern state of Turkey Republic.

p/ssss: Lagi 2 textbooks yg order kat ebay dah sampai. Seb bek buku Economics ni smpi mggu ni. Bolela aku stdy for mid term next week on Friday. 

Buku 2nd hand. Tu yg ader tules nama Vicky J. tu. So murah je la RM26 termasuk skali shipping. Hehe. Buku ni utk BFF sbnrnya. Hehe

Ni pon sama gak buku 2nd hand tapi nmpk cm baru gak. Ni mahal skit RM50 termasuk skali shipping pasal shipping dier mahal. Yela buku ni from USA bukan cm kat ats ni from UK.


  1. "Habib = Yan+Yus = Marriage" what does this even means? hahahaha

    hey hey i love you too!! hehehe lain kali lepak sama lagi kay? huhu

  2. eh eh sudah gaharu cendana pulak dier yew.. haha. okay no hal punya laa. hehe


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