Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's all about Russia Part I

Kray or the English translation The Edge. Kray should be pronounced like cry in Russian language. Ni last year punya movie and it has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in this year Oscar.
So far History of Russia and Modern History of Europe classes are gettin' interesting. Last night br je abes tgk Russian movie called Kray. I love watching historical movies with Dr Kopanski. Stiap kali klu tgk movie dgn dier msti dier akan bg commentaries or translates any foreign languages like French and Russian into English. Msti commentaries dier akan wat aku "Oohhhh and Aaahhh" and wat aku "Aah kan tak terpikir lak msg dier cm2". Kadang2 dier akn ckp gak "This one is incorrect. There is no strong historical evidence that shows that bla2" and msti dier btulkan certain english subtitles yg kuar kat movie n bgtau da real meaning of dat words. He seriously knows how to teach history in da most COOOLEST WAYYY EVA !

Oh aritu dier bwk ag his own historical artifacts. Dis time dier tnjk kat klas Russian money and newspaper in 1990s. Aku pon dpt materials ni mmg dah tak keruan bagai trus kuar iPhone and snap2 cm org br pas jmpa harta karun. Hee

Front руб5. Russia currency is RUB (Ruble).

Back руб5. There is no official symbol for Rusia currency but руб is widely used by the people.

Front руб10

Back руб10. Oh the money dated back on 1909 as u can see the date on each money. So it was printed during the reign of the last Tsar just before the beginning of the WWI in 1914.

Front cover Russia's newspaper. Taktau newspaper ni tahun 1991 ke 1994. Soryla sy tak paham bahasa Russia. Hehe. Ha tak silap aku gmba kat newspaper tu gmba the last Tsar, Nicholas II.

Inside the newspaper.

Another page in the Russia newspaper

Selaen dr Russian ruble, Dr Kopanski pon tnjk gak duet German. Kesimpulannya duet ni smua time WWI.

Front ℳ250. In 1914 - 1923 the German adopted German Papiermark currency. The currency symbol is ℳ. Cmne nk taw ni duet German? Pasan tak kat eagle tgh2 tu ader swastika kan? So Swastika = Nazi = Germany. Hehe

Back ℳ250. Currently the German used Euro as their currency like France, Italy and etc.

Semester ni aku syok btol ! Skang ni smua org tgh pening pala nk mid term berderet2. Aku ? Mid term pon just satu dua sbjk je. Out of 7 subjects, 4 subjects aku takder mid terms. All thanks to sape lagi: Dr Kopanski kesayangan la ! Hehe

p/s: Skang sgt obessed dgn Marie Antoinette ! She was the last French Queen before she was killed in 1793 during the peak of French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette 2006 film. Movie ni pon Dr Kopanski tayang time klas Modern Europe history. Hehe

p/ss: MPH ader wat sale besar2an weekend ni. Jom shopping buku ! Hehe


  1. eh MPH ada sale? omg aku baru nak buat card. haha eh jom sabtu pergi cari buku best. mana mph paling besaw kat kl?

  2. of kos yg paling best aku g kat OU. tapi ader je besar kat Midv gak. dua ni jela yg aku taw paling besar skali. ha bagus la aku pon takder geng nk g MPH ni. jom2 g sama2. hehe


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