Thursday, December 2, 2010

TIME: Special Timeframe Issue (2000 - 2010)

Aritu pas blk dr trip Kedah cek mail umah dpt Time special issue ni. Aku trus cm interested nk baca pasal Time reflects back what had happened dlm 10 tahun yg lps from year 2010. Time punya issues yg sblm2 ni aku tak baca2 ag pon trus nk baca ni dlu. Haha. Seyes mmg a lot of things had changed these past 10 years !

The cover page

2 pages nila Time tnjk secara briefly what has changed from 2000 to 2010. Let me extracts some infos from both pages

1. A Disappearing Ice Cap

Arctic sea ice melted perceptibly, continuing a long-term decline in the thickness of ice at the top of our planet. Scientist say a smaller ice cap will reflect less sunlight, leading to warmer global temperatures.

(2000 = 7.0 Million SQ KM, 2010 = 4.9 Million SQ KM !)

2. Weddings for All

The Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage; Argentina was the first to do so in Latin America.

(2000 = 0 countries, 2010 = 10 countries - Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina)

3. The U.S Defense Budget

Military expenditure by the U.S currently amounts to more than the world's 20 next highest national defense budgets combined.

(2001 = $316 Billion - $13 billion to Afghanistan, 2010 = $693 Billion - $102 billion to Afghanistan and $61 billion to Iraq)

4. Mobile Nation

India's cell-phone market has become one of the world's largest, creating new possibilities for many of the country's rural poor.

(2000 = 2 Million Handsets, 2010 = 545 Million Handsets)

5. Population

2000 = 6. 1 Billion, 2010 = 6.9 Billion

6. Billionaires

2000 = 306, 2010 = 1011

7. All-time top grossing film

2000 = James Cameron's Titanic, $1.8 Billion, 2010 = James Cameron's Avatar, $2.8 Billion

8. Terrorist Attacks

2000 = 423, 2009 = 10,999 (4,584 in Iraq and Afghanistan)

9. Tallest Building

2000 = Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, 2010 = Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Kat dlm issue ni gak Time byk fokus byk issue yg has changed since 2000 but yg tertarik minat aku nk post dlm blog ni adalah 9/11 incident. Ni gmba time diambil on Sept 25, 2001.

THEN: Ni lak gmba kat Ground Zero on Oct 30, 2001. Development lmbt bergerak pasal masing2 concern on how to develop this site rightfully because it touches everyone lives.

NOW: This picture was taken on Nov 3, 2010. Construction works are in progress.

Stats: 2000 construction workers currently on-site, 1123 victims whose reamins have yet to be identified, 2000 concrete trucks visiting the construction site each month, $625 million damages awarded by the city to rescue workers and 3.8 million total man-hours spent on cleanup.

A new tower, buildings and memorials will be expected to be completed on 2013. Let's hope no one will try to destroy these new buildings and kill innocent lives. Huhu

Quite interesting huh ? Huhu

p/s: Mula2 takder nafsu lgsg nk beli buku or wutsoevas yg printable tapi skali td pas a short visit to Kino (short ke?cm lama je aku rasa. Haha) mmg trus dah jadi GILA. Smua ni pasal jumpa . .

It's an encyclopedia of TIME History's Greatest Events ! Hrga dier 109 bucks tak silap aku. But ader promotion klu beli skang smpi 2/1/11 ley dpt 30% discount but wit other item purchase r. Okay r 2 beli buku ni patu beli la magazine pape je dptla 30 %. Klu aku ader duet dh lama aku beli. Trah tak abes2 offer kat aku duet dier dlu but sorryla Trah aku cm segan lak nk pinjam duet ko. Huuu.

Time nk blk pas Yan dah MENGHOYAN tgk manga2 dier kat Kino tu kitorg ternampak buku ni lak. Mula2 dier berbalut patu Yan cdg 'Jom try tgk nk. Kiter g kat org Kino tu soh bukak'. Mula2 aku tak bernafsu sgt tgk buku ni skali pas dah bukak buku Harry Potter ni aku trus OH MY GAWSH ! Babi buku ni mmg harus aku beli ! Sgt colourful n besssssssssst ! Mmg citer pembikinan HP from A to Z !

Cover blkg. Tgkla hrga dier baper. 150 bucks ! Adooyy mahalnya. But bole dpt 20% klu beli another item gak. Tertekan2.

Sisipan buku teks Advance Potion Making wich Harry, Ron and Hermion and other students yg sama batch dgn dorg guna time dlm Half-Blood Prince.

MARAUDER'S MAP ! Aku bukan la smgt nk beli Marauder's Map kat Amazon skali kat dlm buku ni dier dah kasi. Arghhh !

Hogwarts Letter !

Siap ader alamat Harry Potter kat Privet Drive ag ! Ni 1st letter yg Harry terima time dpt masuk Hogwarts. Awwwwwwwwwwww


Ader sape2 nk hadiahkan aku any of these books x? Haha. Klu sape yg baek hati kasi aku eihter of these mmg aku TERHUTANG BUDI n NYAWA for da rest of my life !

p/ss: Cik Nadea Sukarno sila lihat gmba di bawah. Ader org google nama ko tuhhh.. Gilak r ko.


HaaA Ngomel JAngan TAk NgomeL !


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