Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BeyLor KnowIft

Mesti pelik kan naper la nama tajuk post ni BeyLor KnowIft ? Act aku saje je gabung nama Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift so jadila BeyLor KnowIft. Haha. Ni nk citer skit pasal Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Aku br je dload abc's Beyonce I Am.. World Tour time tayang during Thanksgiving ritu. Seyes mmg best ! Beyonce looks fierce n awesome as ever !

Opening credit

Sings Crazy in Love at Nagoya, Japan.

If I Were A Boy

Diva Trick 101 Beyonce - Wear socks on heels to patch your feet. Nice !

Gettin' crazy at Great Wall of China, China

Irreplaceable. Looking fabulous !

Oh da famous three ---- Ops ! Haha. It's Single Ladies of course ! Uuuu kaki dier mmg pujaan smua wanita di luar sana. Haha

Klu abc kuarkan Beyonce I Am.. World Tour, NBC mestila taknk kalah gak. So dorg pon kuarkan r Taylor Swift: Speak Now time Thanksgiving tu gak. Dis show tnjk Taylor travel from New York to L.A to promote her new album in 1 week. As usual Taylor looks sooo cute n fun as always. Hehe

Opening credit

During one of her interviews

Singing Mine

Speak Now perfoming bus ! Cool.

Taylor buys her own CDs at Target. Ni dah mmg rutin Taylor since dier wat for album Fearless. She said it's for good luck for her album. Hmm jarang di buat artis laen. Nice job Taylor !

Perfoming Back to December at Central Park, New York

Taylor and her crew got spooked at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studio. Sgt klaka tgk dorg lari ketakutan. But mmg scary kot aku tgk pon cm seram. Hehe

Wit her wax figure at Madame Tussauds, New York.

p/s: Yay dah beli tiket Stop the Music ! for 8th December next week at MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra), KLCC. Going to watch it with best buddies Trah and Yan. Hee

Sampul tiket

The tickets !

Blakang sampul. Haha sebole2 tiket MPO pon nk tgkp gmba. Yewla first timers. Hehe

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