Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pissed Off ? ? ? I AM ! !

Recently I met ONE of my BESTIES accidentally at Muamalat Bank (We always bumped each other at here) in IIUM..We said hellos n Me speaking in a hi pitch as I always do that when I see any my BESTIES (I always do that voice bcuz of the exaggeration n at least to show dem dat I'm glad to c them even tho some of them I don't.haha,kidding!It's a must for Drama Queen like Me..hihi)..I want to deposit my money in da bank while she wants to pay da fees.Owh to all my uians frenz in case u don't know u can't delay ur money transter to IIUM account for dis short semester bcuz I already asked the Finance.After we have finished with our own business with the Muamalat so0-called accountant we walked out from the bank (I can see a relief PheeWW and annoyance in da Abg Guard when I was reaching da door bcuz I was very LOUD when talking to my Besty in da Bank) and went to Finance to send the bank slip..At the same time rains started to pour like A Hell Catfight between Simon Cowell and Kara Dioguardi or u can put in common term like cat and dogs and I asked "Apa kata ko tmnkan aku makan dahla aku tak lunch ni.tadipon aku ader klas n tak makan ag.skang tgh hujan lebat n ko nk balik pown payah hujan2 ni".So she answered "Bole jugak.bole tggu hujan reda dlu nk balik kang abis basah kuyup aku".

We went to Kyros Kebab n I ordered some kebab wit fries n salad n Coke n she didn't order anything (try to save her money I guess.hehe).so we talked and talked n catch up wit recent Gossips n Scandals as usual until I asked her "The Question" n she willingly to answer "The Question".My Besty started her stories and I listened to her.Its really painful for her to recap again and tell me da stories but she was very calm n blend some jokes in the stories to make da story interesting.yes we laugh together and I can't stop cursing da Jackass.The story was REALLY SHOCKING n JAW-DROPPING compare to the previous stories dat I heard from my another Besty.I am soo Mad wit the Jackass and I wished I was with her during all this dramas happened at her so dat I can at least comfort her or bicthing together so that she will feel ok during dat time.However I was not there and it has already happened.I asked her "So skang ni ko ok kew tak?" and she reply "Bolela (smbl senyum)"..GOsh at that time i felt soo overwhelmed and I knoe she tried to hide her feelings to me.huhu..I really hate when my frenz especially My BESTIES got hurt bcuz I will feel utterly terrible as I don't put my full effort to help them.n to da some group of boys n men out there WHY U GUYS HAVE TO BE SUCH WHORE SCUMS N PAIN IN THE ASS??!!U shud be lucky as there are people who love you n want to take care of you..BE Grateful Laaa!soo I am totally pisssed off n irritated right now..urgh!

My Recent Bday Gift from Intan..haha..Love U Intan!!Nt aku blikan ko Vincci bulan 6 nt for bday ko ea'

Glossary:Aku mmg guna term BESTIES to refer to my Sg Pusuians frenz only in dis blog..hehe..

p/s:Dah lama aku tak tulis pape in English (exceptional to exam papers r)..rasa kekok lak n byk bt0l grammatical errors.kpd Ratu2 Spell-Check soorry laa yew klu aku ader wat mistakes.n tak lupa juga kpd Una aku dah tak majuk dgn ko n maafkan ko..hehe..


  1. encik blogger kalau nak wat citer hangat, lebih hangat kalau gtau ape yg the JACKASS buat.hoho..nak tau gak..

  2. rindunye kt intan miloku 2..huhu
    intan kate nk wt reunion kn 20 jun ni..okeh,to azam..bgusla klu ko x majuk da ngn aku..lgpn smpi bler kn ko nk mjuk..hoho..INTAN N AZAM r aso my BESTIES!!haha

  3. haha sory la safwa aku takle citer cuz aku dah janji dgn besty aku tu..huhu..tapi dier mmg JACKASS si JACKASS tu..

  4. biasala DRAMA QUEEN aku..haha..ko mmg kena dtang aw!aku nk TAles of Beedle Bard aKu!!hihi..

  5. haha, azam n una my besties 2=P.
    jom2 reunion, ak xtau la nk plih vnue ktna. pe kes??hmm...

    p/s:azam, maluny r ak ko ltk sampul surt kornyok tu..huhu

  6. takyah r malu r intan..hehe..luv u guys too!!


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