Saturday, May 14, 2011

LADY GAGA: The Monster Ball Tour HBO Special

Yes ak mengaku sblm ni ak ader ngaku yg ak benci Gaga but after I watched this show ak rasa cm nk tarik balik kata2 ak sblm ni skjp. Skjp je la because pas dah tgk concert ni benci dier balik pasal ke'weirdo'an dier yg makin pelik and menjadi2 skang ni. Haha. Seyes Gaga mmg sgt AWESOME time dier perform concert dier kat Madison Square Garden at New York city ! Ak yg just tgk kat laptop ni terasa cm nk lompat2 skali n dah rasa I was among the crowd in that concert. No wonder la smua org kata concert Gaga best pasal mmg BEST pon ! ! She is really talented n her voice is PERFECT ! No lip-sync (Sorry Brit, she indirectly kutuk u time kat concert ni. Haha) and sgt energetic. Tak benti2 duk nari2 n terlompat sana sni. Kuat kot stamina pompuan ni. Haha. Papepon jom layan screenshots kat bwh ni wich ak amik from dis show. Ngeh2.

Gaga at the beginning of the show presented the concert

Opening credit

Feeling a little bit emotional before concert.

Getting ready...


Just DANCE !

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Weird costume as usual singing The Fame

24000 crowds at Madison Square Garden

 Yup it's full house.

Telephone. Klu Beyonce wat cameo mesti best !

Jeng Jeng Jeng

So Happy I Could Die

Yup that HEELS !

Speechless with piano

Liza Minnelli as one of her special audience. Gaga dedicated Speechless song to her.
Sir Paul McCartney was also there and enjoying himself !

Interacting with audiences

Haha the FIREWORK breast ! Kih3

Monster ! I love this song.

Poker Face.


She also sang her new song Born This Way.

Hugging her father after the concert was finished

Credits while showing her singing live Born This Way

Seriously this show is a MUST WATCH for all GAGA fans out there. Go and try watch this show as soon as you can. Hehe.

p/s: Gaga was the mentor for this week American Idol.

p/ss: The Voice pon makin best ! Go team Adam ! Hehe.

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