Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sound Bytes

Yup skang ni sgt gile akan lagu2 ini. Lagi syoookkkk klu dpt karok smua lagu ni ! Hehe

1. Fuckin Perfect by Pink. Terasa sgt cm minah dlm video ni. Huhu. Oh video ni sgt explicit. Viewers discretion is totally advised !

2. Me and Tennessee by Tim McGraw & Gwyneth Paltrow. This song is taken from the Country Song movie. Layan dohh country song. Sgt soothing.

3. Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5. New music video by Maroon 5. Gotta love this song because gonna watch them live on 29th April nt. Hee

4. Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson. This song really wants to make me dance ol da time ! Haha

5. Power by Kanye West. Tibe2 obsessed dgn Kanye wlupon lagu ni dah lama gile. Lagu dier mmg best even tho he's a jerk most of da time.

6. Price Tag by Jessie J feat B.O.B. Cliche pop song but really nice !

Ader byk je lagi lagu yg tgh gile skang but kat atas ni yg hard-core slalu dgr 24/7. Hehe

p/s: Plan nk g concert Bruno Mars on 10th April wlupon ader xam on dat day and 11 and 12th April. Gile x? Hahaha


  1. okey akan download semua. btw aku sekarang tgh gila lagu (maafla tk uptodate sgt kan tapi nak wat camne)

    i need a doctor
    jar of heart
    just can't get enough - BEP
    marry you -bruno
    animal - neon trees

  2. bagus2..btw smua lagu ko tuh ak dah gile dah dlu sblm ni. hehe


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