Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm Not A Guy Who . .

1. I'm Not A Guy Who petang2 g maen futsol or bola sepak or rugby or jogging n berpeluh2 giler2 n pulang ke bilik dgn badan berbau peluh sampai satu bilik stinks like Hell as usual boys do. Instead aku just tido time petang2 or have a chit chat wit my rum8s takpon berkaraoke dgr lagu2 feveret masing2 or reading my feveret novels.

2.I'm Not A Guy Who speaks sports 24/7 takpon klu bukak newspaper bukak bhgian sports dlu or berjaga tgh2 mlm smata2 nk tgk Live EPL punya Match mahupon bergado2 dan memerli2 feveret futbol clubs sesama2 kengkawan. Instead I speak Disney and Harry Potter dan tatkala berjumpa dgn kawan2 I yell to them Harry Potter is da Coolest thing eva n Hannah Montana Rocks! I also watch High School Musical 3 three times and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 2 times at cinema. Plus, I laugh like a hell when watching Hannah Montana series and never miss to watch American Idol and E! News.

3.I'm Not A Guy Who participates in clubs or societies or pegi meeting tiap2 mlm time kat UIA or time weekend terlibat dgn programme jadi Facilitators mahupon pegi kem n masuk hutan climbing mountains or join sport marathons. Instead every night I spend my time wit my rum8s having dinner from 8.30pm to 10.30pm kat kafe ALi borak2 sesama ktorg or stdy for Quizzes n wat assignments takpon tgk series yg aku dload kat umah. But recently most of my time I spend my time kat malls watching new movies during weeknights and on weekend I spend my time again at malls eating fast foods esp Mcdonalds and shopping klu aku ader duet and just having a normal n boring life. I am passive not an active boy.

4.I'm Not A Guy Who listens to lagu2 Rock Kapak or Lagu Nasyid or Malay Songs orrr Indie Songs( Not a SOLA (Support Our Local Act) )fan. Instead I listen to Hollywood Pop Rock, R n B, Ballads and Disney Genres especially with female voices. (Currently I am addicted to Crazy by Hannah Montana!)

5.I'm Not A Guy Who girls found me cute or charming or suka berayat manis or macho or built-strong-boy or handsome or whenever I walk pass a Girl she would say "He is HOT! and CUTE!".I'm also Not A Guy Who has girlfriends and spend my day texting with my girlfriend 24/7 or talking soflty out of sudden even though da original voice is macho when my girlfriend call me.Instead I'm A Guy Who makes girls laughing due to my excessive Bedah and Non-stop Mulut Pot-Pet macam Mak Cik meniaga jual kaen or tudung kat Pasar Malam and Jalan TAR.The Girls also found me it is easy to talk with me as I consider myself a gud listener and ask me opinions to solve their problems with their boyfriends. Other than that, sometimes Guys look at me with sinister looks and smirking due to my extra feminine hormones or whispering to their friends like 'lembut,papuk,mak hayam' n so on. I'm also A Guy Who texts my friends to spread da gossips or just to eradicate my boredom with asking typical and boring questions like "Ko watper?dah makan?nk tido dah kew?".

6.I'm Not A Guy Who has a lot friends and very peramah when meeting new people. Most of da boys they have a lot of friends because they meet new people thru futsol games and working together in programmes. They also talk among them about cars, sports, girls, pornography and smoking cigars. I'm also Not A Guy Who very popular in my Course and have many acquantainces. Instead I only have certain friends and I can count them with my own fingers and seat alone in my classes. Most of my closest friends talk about fashion, gossips, celebrities and browsing magazines like Hot, Galaxie, GQ and Harper's Bazaar. I can also say that I am introvert Not extrovert Guy.

7.I'm Not A Guy who spends a lot of money on boots, sport shoes, jerseys, cameras or lomos and sport's gears. Instead I spend a lot of my money buying a pile of books and novels to read and peruse like nerds do or shopping clothes.

Therefore, wut kind of Guy I am??I always ponder that to myself and sometimes I wish that I have ol of those life and interest and qualities like the "I'm Not A Guy Who.." people. But I always don't realize dat I am Unique and supposedly I should thankful for ol the things dat happen to me even though I am certainly and affirmatively going to be miserable till death takes upon me. Well, God IS Great and He knows the best for me....

Me and Syahmi


  1. 3.I'm Not A Guy Who participates in clubs or societies or pegi meeting tiap2 mlm time kat UIA or time weekend terlibat dgn programme jadi Facilitators mahupon pegi kem n masuk hutan climbing mountains or join sport marathons....

    omg statement ni tak boleh bla... aku suke. memang terbaik punya lah :)

    lalalala ape tujuan ko letak gambar ko ngn mimi tuh? muke mimi pale gila! lady gaga kalo nampak ni mesti die tak mengaku adik :p

  2. thanz asna!Mimi tak abes2 ckp kat aku yg gmba dier ni dgn aku gmba plg innocent dier penah wat..haha

  3. expresing your self huh?
    orang slalu ckap be ur self. tp aku nak tambah ayat tu jadi

    'Be Yourself as long as Follow Allah's rule'

    dari situ ko mungkin akan jumpa the happiness and tak terasa hidup ko miserable. macam pe yg ko cakap..

    'God IS Great and He knows the best for me....'

  4. but you are a guy who loyal to ur friends, and u also got great friends, which are much more valuable than having lots of friends but they are all back-stabber. rite?

  5. to mayam:
    yup mayam i'll try my best to become as good as possible n follow ol Allah's commands.Actually there's a reason naper aku ckp 'miserable' tu..aku takle nk share dgn org..sory..huuuu

    to yan:
    thanz a lot cuz menyedarkan aku!hee..

  6. azam!wut a sincere,heart-warming confession!!!
    t'haru siot~
    nway,jz be urself coz e2lah yg m'buatkn ko unique n stand out from the rest!i like the way u r n there's no point of changing urself if ur not comfortable in that "fake" skin.
    mcm aku pon,rmai ckp aku ni excessively overreacting at times,terlalu dramatic,terlalu sensitive..
    n some dudes initially thought that i was gay cz i read fashion mags n i dont have a gf!
    tp jz peduli kn jek cz u r jz being urself n if those ppl r not fond of ur personality,then suroh dorg go f*** themselves (aku letak asterisks cz aku tkot ko x approve komen aku nnt =P)
    papepon,u rock!

  7. takleh share dgn orang, share dgn Allah :)

    'Janganlah Kamu Bersikap LEMAH,dan Janganlah Pula Kamu BERSEDIH HATI,Padahal Kamulah Orang-orang Yang Paling TINGGI DARJATNYA,Jika Kamu Orang-orang BERIMAN'-ali-Imran:139

    ayat ni kakak aku bg bila aku rase sgt2 down kat nilai dulu.somehow ayat ni naikkan semangat aku.

    well aku mungkin taktau pe yg berlaku dekat ko. dan maybe ko rse aku ni too much by pretent to be alim or so. tapi kalau ini yg aku mampu bg as ur friend. i dont mind ko nak ckp pe pon.hehe

    and when you feel like sharing, ramai je kwn ko yg sudi nak dengar, Insya Allah.

  8. b urself ea..u noe better wut u think u do...(^,^)

  9. ''life's too short to be someone else'' - quote from step up 2 (lol)

    yup,be urself,ignore others. :)

    -mind reader-

  10. to syahmi:
    thanz a lot for ol da support n love..hee

    to maryam:
    aku tak penah anggap ko pretend jadi alim cuz aku tau itu mmg diri ko sbnrnya.syukran pasal kasi aku ayat tu..really appreciate it..ko satu2nya sahabat aku yg slalu ingtkan aku n dat's y aku rasa ko mmg special..barakAllahufiki daiman.

    to tqah:
    hehe..thanz for da advice..

    to myra:
    jeles dgn trait ko yg slalu wat dono jew n tak kesah pon dgn ap org len kata..hehe..thanz to u too!

  11. who ever you are o wat ever u are
    i still luv u s u
    u still 1 of d besties n i cant imagine my life wit d other u. juz be u.
    bia org kate, sesungguhnya mereka x tahu pape.

  12. to nadea:
    menusuk kalbu aku baca ayt2 ko..terharu giler!hee..thanz a lot nadea..


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