Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Britney, BITCH ! !

ATTENTION to BRITNEY SPEARS FANS ! U guys seriously need to watch to the second episode of the Season 2 Glee ! Dis episode Glee students wat tribute for Britney Spears. Dorg cover Brtiney Spears hits wich are "I'm a Slave for You", "Me Against the Music", "Baby One More Time", "Stronger" and "Toxic". So far dis is the BEST N AMAZING episode of Glee EVER ! According to Just Jared, "Britney/Brittany" episode brought in 13.3 million viewers to FOX on Tuesday (September 28). That’s a 4% increase from the premiere and the highest rating ever for the show ! Hebat giler ! Of course another factor aku suka episode ni is because I'm positively and definitely Britney Spears die-hard-fan since I was kid ag. Even lagu omputeh first yg aku hafal Baby One More Time kot. Hahaha. So kat bawah ni aku ader letak video2 dorg cover Britney Spears. Sape rasa yg nk tgk tu ENJOY !

Ohh Lea Michelle covers The Only Exception pon best gak. But I still love da Paramore original version ag. Hehe.

Baru2 ni celebrate bday Mama yg ke 57 kat Nailis @Sentul. Satu family ader n kitorg makan besar kat sini. Hehe. Happy Bday MAMA ! Thanz a lot for always being there for me. I LOVE U SO MUCH !

Oh Me and my friends wins Explorace yg BACC anjurkan last Sunday kat area2 Lake Garden. Kitorg dpt hamper n 200 bucks for our team. Penat giler explorace ni pasal checkpoint dier smua cm jauh2 dkt Masjid Negara, Planetarium, Muzium Negara, Memorial Tun Razak n macam2 ag. Memang cm org nk mati jalan kaki g tmpt2 ni. But kitorg mmg enjoy abes time race ni. Tak sgka kitorg bole menang wlupon team laen nmpk lagi hebat dr kitorg. Hehe.

PS1: Skang tgh giler dload video HD and masukkan dlm iPhone 4. BUBBY GAMBA DIER CANTEK GILER NK MAMPOS ! I LURRRRRVEEEEEEEEE HD ! Hahaha

PS2: Planning on going to Paramore Concert with Elnur and Nun on 19th October. Teringin nk g sgt wlupon skang mmg dah BANKRUPT !

PS3: Off to Bali in a few days. Hello Beaches ! Hee

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  1. azam...
    aku glee fan gak...
    hehe bestnyee...xsbr nak tgk.. =)


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