Saturday, March 9, 2013

Instagram: mrbaizen

I am SERIOUSLY addicted with Instagram right now! Klu dlu main tgkp gmba ntah pape je n post dlm Instagram nih but now ak akan make sure gmba tuh macam ad kualiti skit r den edit cantek2 baeek pnya br post kt Instagram. Hahaha. But gmba2 ak smua edit guna apps iPhone je r. Tak original n se-awesome macam The Sukarnos punya gmba2 yg dorg tgkp r. (Bole klik sini dan sini klu nk tgk gmba2 awesome mereka dlm blog masing2. Hehe).

Just wanna share a few pics dat ak tgkp n post dlm Instagram ak nih. These are some of my favourite pics in the Instagram.

Cantek kaaaan?? Hahahaha perasan lbeyh je ak. Ni plk gmba profile Instagram ak skang. :P

For more photos you guys can visit my instagram page: 

Aiceh x taw malu btul promote Instagram sendiri. Hahahaha

Soooo Keep Calm and Keep Instagram-ing people!

p/s: Dear Allah, please help me with MARA. I wanna go to London soo badly. :'(

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